Video Communication II

Communication 336

Prerequisite: COMM 335 or equivalent. Note: Students who previously took COMM 461 - Advanced Video Communication should not take this course. Study of advanced principles of video production including producing, directing, shooting and non-linear editing, along with concepts and theories of aesthetics and video as a communication form.

Learning Outcomes

  • Operate Adobe Premiere with proficiency;
  • Operate cameras, microphones and other audio-visual equipment with proficiency
    1. SONY HDV Camera
    2. Nikon D750 DSLR Cameras
  • Write scripts and prepare essential preproduction materials;
  • Understand and operate remote television equipment in field settings;
  • Understand aesthetic principles of lighting design, camera movement, graphic production and editing;
  • Function as a director, a camera operator, an audio operator, talent or a producer;
  • Produce and direct television programs;
  • Carefully evaluate and critique videos.

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