Advanced principles and techniques of effective public speaking.
Study of various dimensions of communication pertaining specifically to African-Americans. Communication patterns within the African-American community, as well as communication patterns about that community, are analyzed.
The evolution of the popular image of African Americans as reflected in the visual media of television and the cinema.
Explores the day-to-day strategies people use to make their points in conversations.


Develops theoretical and applied material concerning communication practices appropriate to business and professional settings.
Overview of the scope and importance of communication in business, and the development of business communication skills students will employ throughout their professional careers.


Introduction to the case study method in Communication on a topic relevant to the discipline.
Analysis of rap music as a communicative force both within and about hip-hop culture. Topics of study include the origins, development, and participants of the culture with special emphasis on rap music as the primary vehicle of communication.
The course examines how gender identities, roles, and norms have been structured within different modes of communication (e.g., interpersonal, mass media and institutional