Case Studies in Communication

Communication 427

Prerequisite: 90 credit hours completed, and COMM 316 or faculty consent. Introduction to the case study method in Communication on a topic relevant to the discipline.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast a hierarchical view of power and a social view of social power
  • -Explain the importance of quality and quantity of participation in promoting cultural, economic and political change.
  • Explain the functional requirements that social movements must meet in order to maintain their viability.
  • Explain the motivational elements that motivate participation in a social movement.
  • What communication challenges do Social Movements Face with regards to their communication with the public.
  • When ti comes to social movements, who says what to whom with what effects?
  • Explain the steps involved in constructing a Case Study.
  • Explain how cases ought to be selected to serve particular research issues, including theoretical ones.
  • Locate and summarize peer reviewed research literature on a student selected topic.
  • conduct and write a quality literature review regarding a particular social movement-what is already known.
  • develop in writing a research plan to collect and process original data on the selected topic.
  • master the appropriate data collection and data analysis skills that are needed to complete the topic (e.g., content analysis);.
  • -Write Case study and case Analysis that summarizes your conclusions.
  • Develop a deliver a presentation of your case study in a professional manner.
  • Evaluate the "Effectiveness" of the communication program of the group pursuing change

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