U of L Oral Communication Program

Visit the Speakers Center and let our mentors help you

Dedicated to improving speaking skills, the Department of Communication’s Public Speaking Center is staffed with Public Speaking Mentors who help guide students through the process of preparing and delivering oral presentations. Students taking any course  — not just a speech course — or any Faculty/Staff/alumni who need help with presentations are invited to visit the Center for help and guidance with their presentations.

Finally this Fall 2021, we will be offering Speaker Center help in person in our two Speakers Centers, SK (Strickler Hall) 021 (Lower Level) and the BAB (Belknap Academic Building)  427.

There are no appointments at either location. Just drop by during their listed office hours and let them help you brainstorm topics, organization approaches, outlining, and also practicing your speech before you present in class.

Any help you would like our mentors to provide requires you to download your outline and and bring it with you on your visit. You MUST have something to work on during your meeting. If not they won’t be able to help you.

Contact information:

Riley Mullady: rkmull04@louisville.edu.

Maggie Stuempel: maggie.stuempel@louisville.edu

Callie Mullins: callie.mullins@louisville.edu



Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 at 9:57 am