Internship/Part-Time Position Inventory

  • Writing/Journalism/News
    The focus of these internships is on honing one's writing skills, mostly in a newspaper or newsleader environment. Many employers desperately need people who know how to write.
  • Strategic Communication
    These internships are often offered by advertising, public relations, and marketing firms as well as media outlets, corporate entities and even non-profits. The tasks vary widely, but students typically are given substantial responsibilities involving tasks as varied as strategizing audiences and campaigns, marketing research, writing press releases and ads, planning events, and more.
  • Production/Research
    Many of these internships involve the student in the actual creation of a broadcast, presentation, newsletter, or some other type of communication event.
  • Internet
    Internships focusing on the Internet often involve students participating in the creation and/or maintenance of an organization's social media presence, website, or intranet.
  • Broadcast media
    Broadcast internships includes student in every aspect of the making of a news broadcast, sometimes with the student getting some onair time.
  • General
    Internships in this category cover quite a bit of territory, from human resource management to health care involvement to sales. This grouping is sort of a catch-all for opportunities that do not fit neatly into any of the other categories.