A&S strives to make study abroad available to all students

money is an obstacle but we can overcome it!

Welcome, faculty members! It’s important to note that all U of L study abroad programs must be financially self-sustaining. This means that the students’ program fees cover all associated expenses. While financial assistance may be available for some programs, it’s not guaranteed. Students have various avenues for financial support, and we’ve provided a list of helpful links on this page.

Not all study abroad programs are identical, leading to variations in costs and associated expenses. To assist your planning, this page outlines the primary expenses you can anticipate for any trip you undertake.

Administrivia -- but Essential

Insurance and Health

Everyone on the trip must be covered by health insurance. U of L has a provider.


Somes countries require visas or other documentation, depending on a student’s nationality

Contngency Fund

You never know what might happen that will require money. This money is arranged with the Dean’s office.

Promotion and Orientation

Posters, ads, info sessions all cost something and if you can’t get it from your department you use program fees.

Overhead Costs

This cost should not be too much and might be joined with the promotion and orientation cost.  But things happen.

Program Fees

What the students pay and all faculty expenses.  For students, it includes books, etc.


On-Site Expenses


You can include airfare in the program fees or not, but local transportation on the site is necessary.


These expenses include lodging and daily meals.  Meals may or may not be included in the program fees.


All cultural activities, site visits, and cultural immersion activities are included in this cost.  Well worth it!

Communication Devices

Students have to have their cell phones! That way you can always get in touch. Some places require chips or extra charges.

On-Site Classroom Facilities

You need a place to teach.  In a hotel or at a partner institution. Either way there is a cost per student.

Currency Exchange

You may have exhange or bank transaction fees. Keep an eye on exchange rates before and during the trip.

A generic budget template