Basic rules and policies must be followed to have a successful Study Abroad program

follow these guidelines and all will be well

Follow these steps as closely as you can.
They summarize the process.

1. Talk to Your Chair

You need to make sure you are not wasting your time. Chair must approve of the program.

2. Write the Proposal

Follow the suggestions on this site to create a dynamic course or courses for this experience.

3. Meet with DECC

You will get an overview of things expected of you as the program director.

4. Develop Budget

Budgets are finicky and change but you need to get it as close as you can for the Dean to see.

7. Arrange Financials

You may need to pay for items on your trip that can't be paid in advance. Get some cash

10. Emergency Plan

You never know what might happen, so you must be prepared with an action plan.

5. Start Recruiting

The DECC Dean can jump start your recruiting by posting brochures and bulk emails.

8. Send Student List

The DECC office registers the students; it takes some time, so get the list there on ASAP.

11. Take the Trip

You have everything under control, so do the trip and enjoy the experience.

6. Turn in Trip Forms

The earlier you get these forms in better, so you can concentrate on recruiting.

9. Collect All Forms

Make sure all the profs, as well as the students, have submitted all necessary forms.

12. Submit Trip Report

Submit photos or other media to DECC to show off what you did on your successful trip!

Administrative Manual for A&S
Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

The links on the buttons below are crucial for both you and your students.

Faculty-Led Group Trips Approval

Initial out-of-country travel paperwork for faculty must be submitted to the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office no later than December 15 for summer travel. All required paperwork for travel must be submitted no later than March 15. Failure to submit all required paperwork, including the Provost travel forms, will result in canceling student enrollment OR the trip.


Authorization may be obtained by submitting a request for authorization for out-of-country travel. Requests must be signed by your Department Chair and submitted to the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office.


Airfare and/or lodging arrangements should not be made until you have received authorization from the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office, who will work with the Unit Business Manager and Financial Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office to obtain the Dean’s signatures and to complete the travel payments/payables and travel arrangements for airfare and/or lodging arrangements.


Program Proposal and Course Approval

The Department Chair must approve all new and continuing faculty-led study abroad programs at least six months prior to the proposed start date. Faculty proposing a new program or continuing a program should request that their Department Chair send approval via email to DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office. Approvals should include program proposal, course information, course syllabi, and tentative program budget.

Travel and Logistics

It is the responsibility of the faculty/program director to coordinate program logistics—E.g., housing, in-country and local transportation, meals, and excursions—with the program provider or on-site coordinator. The Financial Coordinator will arrange flights, pay vendors, and provide other logistical support as necessary unless other arrangements have been made in the home department.


If the faculty/program director is working through a vendor or travel planner, please notify the Unit Business Manager before any negotiations or arrangements are made to prevent increased cost due to delays in payments. Additionally, any arrangements agreed upon and coordinated through a vendor such as a CIEE or related vendors must be reviewed by the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office or Unit Business Manager prior to acceptance. Faculty are not authorized to sign contracts for the University.


The travel provider needs to be approved as a vendor by the University before any payments can be made. The vendor set up process can take up to sixty (60) days. It is the responsibility of the faculty/program director to provide vendor information for approval and submission. This will allow time to get the vendor set up in the system and ensure that they receive payment. Once vendor set up is complete, it can take between 60-90 days for a payment to be processed, so starting the process as soon as possible is crucial.


All A&S faculty-led study abroad programs are self-supporting. The faculty/program director is responsible for providing budget figures to the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office using the provided Budget Template on the BUDGETING page, for all academic and travel expenses. This budget is used to determine the program fee charged to participating students. The full cost of the program must be included in the program budget including faculty salary (including fringe) and expenses where applicable. Additionally, the budget should include all persons traveling as part of the official group. Travel expenses for persons who are not official support faculty or staff for the trip cannot be paid for with student fees or scholarship funds. The program budget should balance and accurately represent all anticipated expenses. Any unforeseen changes due to unanticipated circumstances will be revisited as deemed necessary.

The program fee(s) advertised to students should not reflect the total cost of the program minus any anticipated scholarship(s) or funds received. The program fee is reported to the Student Financial Aid Office and must reflect the actual cost of the trip per student.


Student scholarship(s) or funds cannot be used for faculty/program director salaries or expenses. The program budget must reflect the exact amount charged to each student for the program trip.

Travel Insurance

Faculty, staff, and students are required to purchase CISI travel insurance coverage for international trips. The total cost of insurance must be included in the program budget and included in the program fee charged to students.

A spreadsheet with the required information must be completed by the faculty/program director and submitted to the Financial Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office who will process the payment(s). Once insurance has been paid and uploaded in to the CISI system, each participant will receive an email with further instructions.

Faculty or program directors should read CISI policy details and communicate CISI policy details to student participants.

Faculty Compensation

The faculty/program director’s salary compensation is approved by the Department Chair and must include pre-approved academic, and program required travel expenses. Where applicable, compensation must be listed on the faculty/program director’s Annual Work Plan (AWP) for the semester the course is taught. Payments cannot be processed if the course and compensation are not approved through A&S Dean’s Office for Faculty Affairs. Rates of pay are determined by the standard X-pay overload.

Course Registration and Enrollment

The faculty/program director is responsible for submitting the course number and actual dates to the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office, who will register the course(s) and ensure that the program fee is attached and will enroll the students in the course(s) once the faculty/program director has submitted the full list of students and course information.

Student Forms

Faculty or program directors are responsible for ensuring that each student participant has completed student travel forms, health clearance forms, and have submitted a signed photocopy of their passports. Students should NOT turn in individual forms to the DECC Office.

As most forms are easy to complete, we strongly encourage that the faculty/program directors to require that forms be completed during the first meeting with student participants. A representative from our office can be available to attend your first class meeting to facilitate this process and pick up copies of passports, if available.


Forms that are not collected from student participants during the first meeting should be submitted directly to the faculty/program director to turn in to the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office, unless a different arrangement has been made. Please note that a physician should clear student participants for travel prior to the purchase of flights.


Initial paperwork for students should be submitted no later than March 15. If recruitment for your program extends beyond this deadline, additional paperwork will be accepted. However, if the program does not reach a minimum enrollment of ten (10) students by March 15, it may be canceled. The DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office will submit all group paperwork for approval to the Dean’s office and International Center.

Student Payments

Payments should not be accepted or collected directly from students for study abroad program fees. Students are required to make payments to their student accounts directly through the Bursar’s Office after they have been enrolled in their course(s).

If a student cannot pay the total program fee, UofL offers installment plans based on the current semester in which the student is enrolled. Students are responsible for enrolling themselves in a payment plan and must abide by the pre-determined enrollment deadline and payment due dates.

PLEASE NOTE: Students whose accounts are not paid by the established semester payment due dates may be subject to financial penalties such as a Bursar Registration Hold. Additional information about financial penalties can be found at the Bursar’s site.

Student Scholarships

The College of Arts and Sciences may have needs-based scholarship funding available. Criteria for the scholarship awarded is determined by the DECC office. The scholarship will be posted through the Financial Aid portal by the Unit Business Manager after the faculty/program director and student have submitted documented evidence of need.

Program Final Report

All faculty/program directors must submit a program report no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the study abroad program. Additionally, we ask that faculty/program directors submit photos for use on social media or promotional materials.

Student Evaluation

Online evaluation forms will be distributed to the student participants at the completion of the study abroad program. Results will be shared with faculty/program directors and their Department Chair to aid in future planning.

Marketing and Recruitment

Program-specific marketing and the recruitment of students are primary responsibilities of the faculty/program directors. Faculty or program directors are responsible for providing the DECC Coordinator in the A&S Dean’s Office with flyers, brochures, and any other promotional materials to be used for marketing. This office will promote the program on the A&S study abroad program website and will post flyers and other promotional materials broadly, as deemed appropriate.