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What is this all about?

Enhancing the Joy of Creating Study Abroad Adventures for Faculty

Embarking on the Journey of Crafting a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program is a Thrilling Adventure. Fueled by Enthusiasm, You Embrace a Variety of Challenges. From the Exciting Spark of the Idea to the Detailed Execution, the Path is Full of Opportunities for Growth and Success.

Navigating Excitement on the Road Less Traveled

Imagine this: You aspire to craft an unforgettable experience for students, yet find yourself entangled in logistical challenges, navigating bureaucratic hurdles, and orchestrating the coordination of diverse academic requirements. While potential pitfalls loom, including cultural differences, unforeseen expenses, and the complexities of visa processes, transforming the dream of providing students with a life-changing international experience may seem daunting. However, with strategic planning and perseverance, your ambitious plans can unfold successfully, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and accomplishment.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Smooth Sailing

Rejoice, daring educator! This website is the guiding star you’ve longed for to sail through the turbulent waters of establishing faculty-led study abroad programs. Recognizing your challenges, we offer pragmatic, step-by-step solutions to turn your vision into a seamlessly orchestrated reality. Whether overcoming administrative hurdles or fostering enriching cultural exchanges, our guide stands as your reliable ally on this exhilarating expedition. Together, let’s transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring your faculty-led study abroad program becomes a shining beacon of transformative education for both you and your students!

The Four Areas This Guide Covers


Taking students overseas is a big deal, and university, college, and legal issues are involved. 


 Fortunately, you will have some administrative support to ensure you cross the t’s and dot the I’s.


This guide focuses on your administrative obligations related to A&S. There are other administrative policies that the University’s International Center oversees. Those are primarily forms that both you and your students will need to fill out.


Click below to find out about this not-so-exciting, but crucial part of your faculty-led study abroad experience.

Writing a Proposal

You must write a proposal describing what you will teach, why it must be taught in your destination country, which students you plan on taking, and the dynamics of the pedagogy you will implement. Many questions, but we will guide you through them.

From a pedagogical point of view, this step in the process is the most important. It is undoubtedly the most fun to create. You will need to create a syllabus, and this syllabus will probably be different from the others you have created. It includes all the excursions you wish to have on your trip and their academic justification. It. It may or may not be the syllabus you eventually use with your students because its main objective is to get the course approved.


Finding the students is essential if you plan to take them to another country! Several marketing and recruiting strategies might help get the students together for your program. We provide some proven techniques and offer tips that we may or may not have tried.

The best tip is to have students who have already taken a study abroad trip help you recruit. No matter how cool we think we are, students trust other students’ opinions more than the faculty’s on things like study abroad! Another great tip is always to sign up for the study abroad fairs U of L has each year—a great opportunity to make contacts. Once you make contacts, don’t shy away from sending the students email notes from time to time to remind them of their interest.


The greatest obstacle to students traveling is the cost. It is up to you to figure out how much your program will cost so that you can establish a price per student for the trip. It can be stressful figuring out all the ends and outs of the expenses, and it is the hardest part of the process, so we will help you figure it out.

On the budgeting page, we have included a great deal of information about what needs to be included in the budget, but all trips are different, and some will have esoteric costs compared to others. But no matter. Include everything you need to include!