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Casco Viejo

View of the peninsula where Casco Viejo is located

Instead of having class today the old fashioned way, we went to Casco Viejo (officially known as Casco Antigua) and got a tour of the place from Fabio, a Panamanian tour guide.  He showed us Avenida Central first and it leads into Casco, so we were able to check out the stores and such in Cinco de Mayo, which is sort of the old downtown where Panamanians shop when they are visiting one of the many malls they have here. Anyway, Fabio filled us in on much of the history of the place and we walked around to get a true feel fo the place.

After we left Casco we crossed the street to the Fish Market and had a lunch comprised on fresh fish.  We had quite a variety of plates, and it seems most of us were pretty satisfied with the food even if the service is not the greatest.

By the way, we traveled to Caso and back using the Metro, the name of Panama’s subway system.  We are getting into the flow and will be real Panamanians before you know it.


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