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Getting Settled In

The first full day in Panama.  We went to the school around 9:00am and met all the folks there.  The staff at QLU put on an orientation for the group. The main idea was to tell them who to call, what to look out for, what not to do, how to do what you want to do, and so on. Jean took the group on a tour of the campus and told them all about the place.  Then we had a Panamanian lunch complete with tamales, arroz con pollo, potato salad, and sweet plaintains.

Our group aboard the City Bus

After lunch we sat for about an hour chilling out and then went over to Avenida Balboa and caught a city tour bus, the double decker variety.  We drove all over Panama City.  We went to the end of the causeway, drove around the old Canal Zone, checked out the downtown area (is there one?) and got a glimpse of the canal, Casco Viejo, and many other places.

After the tour we returned to the hotel, but soon left again to go to El Rey’s supermarket to stock up on snacks, drinks, and such.  So now we have stuff in our rooms to nosh on when the urge hits us.

That night most of the group hung our around the pool at the hotel.

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