Strategic Communication Writing

Skills for writing across the multiple media platforms and genres that are currently used in strategic communication campaigns.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply rules of punctuation and grammar; produce consistent style; illustrate quality content, organization, format, and design of standard strategic communication messages and documents; demonstrate the nine-step writing process
  • Strengthen critical and creative thinking abilities; successfully utilize strategy, target audience focus, and diplomacy in writing, including creation of oral presentations
  • Employ the tools used to effectively assist organizations to achieve their values-driven, mission-related business goals; evaluate potential jobs in strategic writing
  • Begin to build a professional portfolio by creating high-quality documents for print, broadcast, and online/social media in a variety of strategic disciplines: public relations, advertising, sales and marketing, and business communication
  • Understand how to translate research findings into actionable strategic communication strategies and tactics
  • Understand the basics of executing strategic communications strategy visually and verbally

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