Speaker's Center

MicrophoneDedicated to improving speaking skills, the Department of Communication’s Public Speaking Center is staffed with Public Speaking Mentors who help guide students through the process of preparing and delivering oral presentations. Students taking any course  — not just a speech course — or any Faculty/Staff/alumni who need help with presentations are invited to visit the Center for help and guidance with their presentations.  Some quick tips can be found on this site.

Location: Strickler Hall lower level — Room LL021


Do you experience apprehension when getting ready to speak in front of others? Or even thinking about the possibility of having to speak in front of others? One the BEST methods for reducing this apprehension is to know your subject matter and to practice your speech.  A great place to do this is our Speaker’s Center. The assistants have all experienced those same feelings at some point in their speaking lives – so they have an idea of what you may be feeling. Come on down and let them help you start on your road to speaking success….

Check out their office hours and come on down – even if it's just to chat….

Speech Mentors


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Mentors' Hours

Posted August 22,2022

Strickler LL21


  Collin Krewson 10a – 12p

  Paige Preston – 12p – 5p

  Jack Roution – 1p – 3:30p

  Ethan Easton – 2p – 4:30p


  Collin Krewson 10a – 12p

  Emily Shackleton – 12:30p – 5p

  Kelsey Blocker – 12:30p – 3:30p

  Jack Roution 1p – 3:30p

  Ethan Easton – 2p – 4:30p


  Collin Krewson 10a – 12p

  Paige Preston – 11p – 4p

  Jack Roution – 1p – 4p

  Ethan Easton – 2p – 4:30p


  Collin Krewson 10a – 12p

  Emily Shackleton – 12:30p – 5p

  Kelsey Blocker – 12:30p – 3:30p

  Ethan Easton – 2p – 4:30p

  Jack Roution – 2:30P – 4P


  Kelsey Blocker – 9a – 11a

  Collin Krewson 10a – 12p


Topic Ideas

If you are having trouble finding or narrowing down a topic check out some of the following sites. They may prove helpful.



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