Volume 31, Number 15
December 03, 2018

This is our last edition of Comm-Announce for the fall. We've got the December list of graduates and lots more news in a jam-packed, end of semester edition of Comm-Announce. First a reminder about your subscription to this newsletter.

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If you missed the earlier editions of Comm-Announce this semester, previous issues are available online. Go to the Department of Communication home page ( At the top of the page, you'll see a button that says "news" and you can click on that--it will take you to past issues including part-time positions and internship opportunities.

Today is the last day of the semester with Tuesday as reading/stop day and finals starting on Wednesday. Commencement is scheduled for Friday, December 14. The new winter term of classes starts on Wednesday, December 12. Then the regular spring semester begins on Monday, January 7.

Department offices will be open during the holiday season on a regular schedule 8 am to 4:30 pm until closing on Friday, December 14 at 4:30. The Comm Department offices will reopen on Wednesday, January 2.

The University's Reach Program is now in the last stages of its Finals Blitz. A variety of events are planned through Wednesday including free food and massages, arts and crafts, stress management sessions, quiet study spaces, and the regular tutoring and study skill services that REACH provides for all undergraduate students. Be prepared for your finals! For more information, go to:

Jefferson County Public Schools is looking for a student for writing, video, social media and event work. Find out more about this new listing on our website at:

NBC is offering a full-time, paid internship in New York City next summer in its entertainment and programming department. Applications close February 19. Find out more at:

Last week's annual fall 2018 Speak Up U of L speech competition was hard fought. The judges and audience raved about all of the speakers this time so the top three have much to be proud about.

First place: Mia Rodriguez. Second place: Coliwe Mhlanga. Third place: a tie between Brelynn Whitehill & Mukesha Eduige. And the winning instructor for the competition is Jessica Sanchez. Nicely done by all the winners!

Congratulations to our top graduating master's student, Katie Wells. She is finishing her MA with 3.77 GPA with a focus on strategic communication. She is currently a full-time UofL employee in in the UofL Student Affairs office. As a part-time student, Katie was able to complete her degree only 2 and 1/2 years, only a semester behind her cohorts who were admitted with her at the same time but as full-time students. Congrats to Katie!

We also want to recognize our Outstanding Undergraduate senior, Ian Anderson. Ian came to UofL to complete his undergraduate work after taking a few years off school to figure out what most interested him. He's currently completing a practicum on infographics while working in the field at NowSourcing, a local agency. Ian is applying to multiple graduate programs and plans to continue his studies after graduation in higher education. Well done Ian!

Cheers to our graduates for the fall semester of 2018. A total of 115 Communication students have been approved for graduation when they complete their work this semester.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of you in the future. Please keep in touch and let us know what you are up to after graduation! We like to keep track of the accomplishments and experiences of our graduates.

Here's the list of our grads:


Hope Herline

Molly Marshall

Katie Wells



Shakir Abdelrasool

Ian Anderson

Jacob Bauman

Maya Bell

Ellen Bernhard

Michael Betson

Suzanne Booth

Michael Brennan

Merideth Budde

Jasmina Buxani

Amonte Caban

Adria Calnon

Sierra Case

Cristobal Castaneda

Stacey Cheong

Danny Clark

Amber Cobb

Morgen Combs

Micky Crum

Jazmine Downing

Maria Franxman

Anthony Harrison

Joseph Henry

Ashley Herrell

Devan Hodges

John Jeffries

Tori Johnson

Noah Kehl

Mason King

Alexis Koetter

Nolan Kolb

Morgan LaLonde

Brandon Lamkin

Travis Layman

Rachel Masterson

Sean Melican

Marissa Middleton

Sheldon Miller-Embry

Nia Mitchell

Mark Morgan

Lauren Neel

Brittany Ngo

Karla Olivares Ortega

Leslie Osting

Sienna Palombino

Stephan Parobek

Shamia Payne

Madison Pendigraph

Madyson Poynter

Amber Risinger

Gerald Robinson

Hunter Rowe

Brian Sanders

Morgan Saylor

Marcella Shandor

Patrick Sheehan

Sarah Stasiak

Jacob Steltenpohl

Angela Stevens

Brittney Steverson

Dawnielle Stout

Brooke Tarpey

Immanual Tesfai

Lani Unger

Joseph Venezia

Lafaye Wales

Olivia Wildenmann







Sandy Abadi

Juan Aleman Arosemena

Diana Avilez Tovar

Omar Barria

Mariavalentina Chersia Simonovis

Maurizio Cipoyone

Susej Corrales

Maria Laura Garcia

Ricardo Garcia De Paredes

Franklyn Gardiner

Alexandra Getzler

Gabriela Gimenez

Juan Martinelli

Melissa Renee Navarro Lasso

Jania Pino

Jean Prado

Andres Alberto Ruiz Abrego

Isabella Segebre

Andrea Suarez

Raquel Suaya






Stephen Ashley

Jason Boyd

Meghan Breen

Jordan Butterfield

Kendall Carter

Kelsey Chinn

Julia Curran

Nikayla Edmondson

Aaron Fabel

Cameron Fry

Jamie Glauber

Michael Goss

Kathryn Hamilton

Mackenzie Kivett

Michael Lawhorn

Joseph Lyell

Zachary McGuire

Megan McLeroy

Luke Miller

Lauren Osborne

William Prickett

Brenda Ramsey

Zachary Sanders

Tristin Schifferdecker

Selena Thompson

Danielle Tomes

Tayler Young

And with that, we close the fall semester. Good luck during finals. From Keneka, Lauren and all of the members of our office staff, our chair Professor Futrell and the rest of the faculty, we wish you a great holiday season and a prosperous New Year! See you in 2019.

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