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COMM-ANNOUNCE 10-18-2021

Volume 37, Number 8
October 18, 2021

News this week about advising and more. Here's the latest from the Department of Communication.

Registration for the spring semester starts November 4 for undergraduates.  That means students will need to see academic advisors soon to plan out their courses, particularly those students who plan to graduate in the spring.  

COMM-ANNOUNCE 09-13-2021

Volume 37, Number 4
September 13, 2021

This week, Comm-Announce features a reminder about a big event on campus this week, news about some of our recent graduates, and assistance for you preparing for graduate school entrance exams. Here’s the latest from the UofL Department of Communication.

If you missed earlier editions of Comm-Announce this semester or want to look at even older issues, they are available online. Go to this link on the Department of Communication web page to see past issues:

COMM-ANNOUNCE 09-07-2021

Volume 37, Number 3
September 07, 2021

Hope you had a good Labor Day holiday. This week, Comm-Announce features news about scholarship opportunities, the big upcoming internship and career fair, and more. First, very important news about COVID-19 vaccinations. Here’s the latest from the UofL Department of Communication.