Magazine and Feature Writing

Communication 323 - WR

Prerequisite: COMM 201 and faculty consent. Note: Approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR). Introduction to practice and techniques of preparing articles for popular, specialized, and trade publication; attention to marketing and magazine makeup

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

  • Evaluate opposing ideas,
  • Make an argument and
  • Communicate an opinion in a clear and engaging fashion. 
  • Developing a voice

Students will gain an understanding of the following areas:

  • Critical thinking
  • Strategies for appraising  art of all kinds
  • Writing engaging and concise prose
  • Expressing well-supported opinion
  • Evaluating opposing viewpoints
  • Describing one’s environment and experiences
  • Challenging one’s own preconceptions

Links of Interest

Sample Syllabus for Download