Urban Communication

Communication  328 - Introduction to Urban Communication

Prerequisite: COMM 201. Theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of communication as it relates to the culture of urban communities, especially African Americans, Latinos, women, and marginalized groups. Emphasis is on cross-cultural relations, rhetoric and language, media, and educational organizations with special focus on understanding the role communication plays in shaping the identity of these communication groups.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and define terms, theories, concepts, and people pertinent to discussion and understanding of media and urban, rural and suburban environments. 
  • Demonstrate understanding of the differences between urban, suburban and rural environments and their populations in key areas ie: interpersonal, health, education, technology, employment.
  • Synthesize course curriculum with today’s issues and problems of a particular city
  • Critically evaluate media framing and context of urban , suburban and rural issues
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