Panama Study Abroad Program -- 2022

Items You MUST turn in ASAP 

  1. photocopy of your current passport
  2. health clearance form 
  3. NO immunizations or vaccinations required for this trip, but we do recommend updating your flu and tetanus shots if you haven’t already.

These can be dropped off to the main Department of Communication office located in 310 Strickler Hall. Just tell the student assistant at the front desk that you are leaving the documents for Karen Battoe. 

As U of L students you can use the student health services patient-care office at Campus Health Services:
215 Central Avenue, Ste. 110, Louisville, KY. 40208.

Travel Dates

May 9 to May 28


Tuesday March 1, 2022 from 3:00-4:30 in the Shumaker Research Building, room 139.

  • learn details about the program
  • ask questions
  • fill out travel forms
  • get information about the first two classes held May 1st and 2nd


  • Everyone takes Panamanian Culture Class (LALS 313 for undergraduate students, ML 551 for graduate students)
  • Everyone takes a second course:  Spanish 321, Communication 350, or Communication 690
  • Students are enrolled in classes at the beginning of March
  • Bursar’s Office bills everyone $3500 that must be paid in full prior to leaving for Panama.
  • Communication Majors/Graduate students receive the Communication Award, in the amount of $300 -- deducted (so you pay only $3200)

Any questions about payments or enrollment, contact LyShanna Cunningham at