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COMM-ANNOUNCE 08-23-2021

Volume 37, Number 1
August 23, 2021

Welcome back to UofL, and welcome to Comm-Announce, the weekly newsletter for Communication students. This newsletter is designed to keep you updated with information from the Department and University that you need, as well as news that you'll be interested in hearing about. In this first edition of a new school year, we have some basic information on your subscription to Comm-Announce, the academic calendar for this semester, news about how to get a paid job this semester, internships, and more. Here we go.

COMM-ANNOUNCE 04-05-2021

Volume 36, Number 13
April 05, 2021

Monday morning means more news from the Department of Communication. First, an important message from the Communication faculty and staff about recent events in our nation. Here is this week’s Comm-Announce.