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Comm-Announce 03-21-2022

Volume 38, Number 10
March 21, 2022

Hope you had a great spring break. Here’s the latest from the UofL Department of Communication.

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Comm-Announce 12-06-2021

Volume 37, Number 15
December 06, 2021

This is our last edition of Comm-Announce for the fall. We've got the December list of graduates and lots more news in a jam-packed, end of semester edition of Comm-Announce. First a reminder about your subscription to this newsletter.

Comm-Announce 11-29-2021

Volume 37, Number 14
November 29, 2021

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday. Here is the latest news from the Department of Communication in this penultimate fall semester issue of Comm-Announce.

The last day of the semester is next Monday, December 6. Stop day/reading day is December 7 and finals run December 8 through 14. If you are not sure about when a final is scheduled for your class, go to this link ( Commencement is on December 17.

Comm-Announce 11-22-2021

Volume 37, Number 13
November 22, 2021

Happy turkey week! The fall has sure flown by and the semester is now nearly complete! But we still have lots of news for you from the UofL Department of Communication in this issue of Comm-Announce.