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COMM-ANNOUNCE 09-09-2019

Volume 33, Number 4
September 09, 2019

More international and local opportunities highlight this issue of Comm-Announce.

If you are new to Comm-Announce and have missed earlier editions this semester or want to look at even older issues, they are available online. Go to the Department of Communication home page ( At the top of the page, you'll see a button that says "news" and you can click on that to take you to past issues including part-time positions and internship opportunities.

COMM-ANNOUNCE 09-03-2019

Volume 33, Number 3
September 03, 2019

Hope you had a good holiday weekend. This week, Comm-Announce features news about international opportunities, help getting ready for your career and more. Here’s the latest news from the UofL Department of Communication.

The Study Abroad Fair will take place tomorrow, September 4, 12-2 in the SAC Multipurpose Room. Find out about the opportunities you'll have during the coming year to study and travel internationally.

COMM-ANNOUNCE 2019-08-19

Volume 33, Number 1
August 19, 2019

Welcome back to UofL, and welcome to Comm-Announce, the weekly newsletter for Communication students. This newsletter is designed to keep you updated with information from the Department and University that you need, as well as news that you'll be interested in hearing about. In this first edition, we have some basic information on your subscription to Comm-Announce, the academic calendar for this semester, internships, and more. Here we go.

Comm-Announce 2019-04-22

Volume 32, Number 15
April 22, 2019

It's the end of another school year! That means the final edition of Comm-Announce for 2018-2019 including our full list of Communication graduates, award winners, internship opportunities, and some other reminders. First, some information on your subscription to Comm-Announce.