Health Communication

Communication 430 - WR

Prerequisite: COMM 201 or consent of instructor. Note: Approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR). Nature, function and importance of communication in health care delivery. Applies communication theory and skills to health contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Links of Interest
  • To become exposed to communication, medical, nursing, sociological and psychological literature related to health communication
  • To develop an understanding of how communication functions in the health setting to improve the delivery of healthcare
  • To become aware of potential communication problems existing between various health care providers and to explore how these interaction patterns might affect patient care
  • To understand the role of interpersonal communication outside the clinical setting as it relates to the healing process and preventative healthcare
  • To analyze and interpret health communication scholarship
  • To apply health communication concepts to original research

Links of Interest

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