Austin Hubner

Austin Hubner

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. - The Ohio State University (2022) Communication
M.A. - The Ohio State University (2018) Communication
B.A. - Washington State University (2016) Communication

Selected Publications

Hubner, A., Bond, R. (In Press). I Am A Scientist… Ask Me Anything: Examining differences between male and female scholars participating in a Reddit AMA session. Public Understanding of Science

Hubner, A. (2021). How did we get here? A framing and source analysis of early COVID-19 media coverage. Communication Research Reports, 38(2), 112-120.

Hubner, A., McKnight, J., Sweitzer, M., & Bond, R. (2021). Down to a r/Science: Integrating computational approaches to the study of communication on Reddit. Computational Communication Research, 3(1), 87-111.

Hubner, A. & Hovick, S. (2020). Understanding risk information seeking and processing in the context of unfamiliar and emerging risks: The case of Zika Virus. Risk Analysis, 40(6), 1212-1225.

Bullock, O. & Hubner, A. (2020). Candidates’ use of informal communication on social media reduces credibility and support: Examining the consequences of expectancy violations. Communication Research Reports, 37(3), 87-98.

Coronel, J., Ott., J., Hubner, A., Sweitzer, M., & Lerner, S. (Online first). How are competitive framing environments transformed by person-to-person communication? An integrated social transmission, content analysis and eye-movement approach. Communication Research. Advanced online access.

Li, S. & Hubner, A. (2019). The impact of web-based ratings on patient choice of a primary care physician versus a specialist: Randomized controlled experiment. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(6), e11188.

Dixon, G. & Hubner, A. (2018). Neutralizing political worldviews by communicating scientific agreement: A thought-listing study. Science Communication, 40(30), 393-415.

Web Site: Austin Hubner

Contact information

Phone: (502) 852 6976
Office: Strickler 309A


2020 Walter B Emery Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Research, School of Communication, The Ohio State University, $3200

2019 Award Winner, Invitational Hayes Graduate Research Forum, The Ohio State University, $250 Top Paper Award, National Communication Association, Political Communication Division

2018 Top Paper Award, International Communication Association, Environmental Communication Division