Communication Technologies

Communication 303 -- Introduction to Communication Technologies

Students learn about communication technologies in contemporary society, explore the various contexts in which these technologies are used, and apply theoretical perspectives to the use of these technologies.

Prerequisite: COMM 201 or permission of instructor.

Learning Outcomes

Communication and information technologies are increasingly important to our lives, affecting us socially, politically and economically.  This course provides an introduction to the communication technology environment from telephone to television, from DVRs to social networking, and much more.  We study the impact of these technologies and their hardware, software, and users.  We also analyze various aspects of emerging technology to better understand why some succeed and some fail, thereby gaining a more informed framework by which we can contemplate our future

  • Know enough about a variety communication technologies to discuss them critically.
  • Develop a basic understanding of theories used to explain the relationship between communication, technology and society. 
  • Understand the role of political and economic factors that are intertwined with communication technologies

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