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The Department of Communication at the University of Louisville offers a complete online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree through the Internet. The best part is that ALL the necessary coursework can be completed online. Actually, a couple of different strategies for getting a Communication degree online have become popular.

Some students take their first two years of courses online from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System ( Once the first two years are complete, students can transfer all of their coursework, via a special arrangement between U of L and KCTCS, to U of L and finish their third and fourth year coursework and earn their degree.

Another avenue to completing the degree is to combine taking online courses and traditional courses — whatever fits the students’ schedules. Our online courses are just like our tradtional courses; most of them are even taught by our regular, full-time faculty members. So it is easy to take a few online courses when it fits one’s schedule better and then switch over to taking classroom courses.

To find out more about our programs just wander through our pages, send us some questions via email, or give us a call. And whatever you decide, good luck with your educational pursuits!

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 2:10 am


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