Institute for Intercultural Communication

ICS Journal

From 2008 to 2010, the Institute for Intercultural Communication was home to the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies’ (IAICS) academic research journal, Intercultural Communication Studies. This was a time of changes for the journal, with the development and implementation of a blind review process for all submitted articles in 2009. This tradition continues today, making ICS a peer-reviewed journal.

The Institute appreciates the hard work of Margaret D’Silva (General Editor), editorial assistants Jackie Lyle, Lauren Dexter, and Robbie Richie, and all of its former interns, Kathryn Strobel, Apryll Clark, and David Yates. The Institute also wishes to thank all of the issue editors, manuscript reviewers, and authors for their efforts. Without the contributions of each of you, the journal would not have been a success.

The journal project was moved to Macao in  2011, where Dr. Joanna Radwanska Williams serves as the general editor.