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Institute Awarded NIH Grant

The data collection phase of the $398,000 two-year NIH grant awarded to the University of Louisville to examine fruit and vegetable consumption in Black populations in Louisville and in Hopkinsville is nearing completion. The grant application, titled, “Exploring Culture, Community, Communication, and F&V Intake in Black Kentuckians” was submitted by the Communication Department’s Institute for Intercultural Communication.

Kentucky has the second highest rate of cardiovascular disease in the U.S.  The researchers’ focus on Fruit and Vegetable consumption is related to recent health research that shows that diets high in fruit and vegetables can lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
Researchers on the grant include: Principal Investigator, Lindsay Della, and Co-investigators, Margaret D’Silva, Deborah Potter, Theresa Rajack-Talley, Lisa Markowitz, and Researcher Siobhan Smith. The interdisciplinary team of researchers hail from the departments of Communication, Pan-African Studies, Sociology and Anthropology.

Preliminary results related to media use appear in the article: Smith, S., Della, L., Rajack-Talley, T., D’Silva, M. U., Potter, D., Markowitz, L., Craig, L., Cheatham, K., & Carthan, Q., (2013). Exploring Media’s Impact on African-American Women’s Healthy Food Habits in Kentucky. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 42, 3, 228-251.

Preliminary results from the interviews were presented at the CUMU Conference, Louisville; Kentucky Health Communication Conference, Lexington; National Communication Association Conference, Orlando and at the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies Conferences in Taiwan and in Vladivostok.

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The Institute co-organized the 2011 conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS).  The Institute also co-organized the 2009 conference in Kumamoto, Japan, and  hosted the 2008 conference in Louisville, KY, USA, where scholars from over 18 countries presented cutting-edge research.

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