Faculty Office Hours -- Summer 2020

All appointments considered virtual unless otherwise noted  
Full Time Full-Time Office Hours Full-Time E-Mail Address
Mary Ashlock 6/2–7/23: by appt. (email) M–F 11 am–4 pm maryz.ashlock@louisville.edu
Calvin Coker Terms 1–3: online only, Tuesdays 12–2 pm c0coke01@louisville.edu
Michael Cunningham NOT TEACHING michael.cunningham@louisville.edu
Lindsay Della Email to set up an appt. via BB Collaborate lindsay.della@louisville.edu
Stuart Esrock By appt. stuart.esrock@louisville.edu
John Ferré NOT TEACHING this summer; email ferre@louisville.edu
Karen Freberg NOT TEACHING karen.freberg@louisville.edu
Al Futrell Schedule Appointment al@louisville.edu
Joy Hart NOT TEACHING this summer; by appt. (email) joy.hart@louisville.edu
Elizabeth Kimbell Terms 1–3: by appt. (email) elizabeth.kimbell@louisville.edu
Greg Leichty NOT TEACHING greg.leichty@louisville.edu
Ralph Merkel NOT TEACHING rsmerk01@louisville.edu
Mary Mudd Term 1; M 10 am–1 pm or by appt. mary.mudd@louisville.edu
Nick Paliewicz By appt. only nicholas.paliewicz@louisville.edu
Selene Phillips By appt. only selene.phillips@louisville.edu
William Scott Sanders By appt. only scott.sanders@louisville.edu
Dana Seay M 11 am–12 pm; W by appt. dana.seay@louisville.edu
Remington Smith NOT TEACHING remington.smith@louisville.edu
Siobhan Smith-Jones 6/2–8/11: by appt. (will have online schedule) siobhan.smith@louisville.edu
Steve Sohn NOT TEACHING steve.sohn@louisville.edu
Christine Steineck 6/2–8/11: W 1–1:50 pm online or by appt. cgstei02@louisville.edu
Katherine Taylor NOT TEACHING katherine.taylor@louisville.edu
Kandi Walker By appt. (email) kandi.walker@louisville.edu
Yi (Jasmine) Wang NOT TEACHING jasmine.wang@louisville.edu
Kathy Werking By appt. only kjwerk01@louisville.edu
Part Time Part-Time Office Hours Part-Time E-mail Address
Michela Ardizzoni By appt. only m0ardi01@louisville.edu
Daryl Arend NOT TEACHING dearen01@louisville.edu
Jeff Barr NOT TEACHING jnbarr02@louisville.edu
Karen Battoe By appt. karen.battoe@louisville.edu
William (Bill) Brantley By appt. wabran01@louisville.edu
Daniel Brindle NOT TEACHING daniel.brindle@louisville.edu
Dwayne Buttler NOT TEACHING dwayne.buttler@louisville.edu
Deborah Carlton By appt. docarl01@louisville.edu
Stephanie Coopman By appt. only stephanie.coopman@louisville.edu
Ted Coopman NOT TEACHING ted.coopman@louisville.edu
Tiffany Dillard-Knox 10-week term: by appt. (email) tiffany.dillard@louisville.edu
Nabil Echchaibi By appt. n0echc01@louisville.edu
Aaron Ellis NOT TEACHING aaron.ellis@louisville.edu
Gina Firenzi 10-week term: virtual, Thursdays 8–10 am (PST) gina.firenzi@louisville.edu
Amy Grimes-Potter NOT TEACHING amy.grimespotter@louisville.edu
Cathy Hamilton 7-week term: virtual, Mondays 8–10 am crhami05@louisville.edu
Anna Marie Johnson NOT TEACHING afjohn01@louisville.edu
Margaret Jones NOT TEACHING margaret.jones.3@louisville.edu
Jenni Laidman NOT TEACHING jenni.laidman@louisville.edu
Ashlee Marshall By appt. (email) ashlee.marshall@louisville.edu
Max Maxwell NOT TEACHING max.maxwell@louisville.edu
Sarah Miller M 9–11 am; contact via email svdail01@louisville.edu
Erica Peterson (Clites) NOT TEACHING erica.peterson@louisville.edu
Folu Seton (GTA) By appt. mjseto01@louisville.edu
Richard Slawsky Term 2: T&R 2–3 pm/by appt.; email for connection instructions rwslaw01@louisville.edu
Krista Sutherland W 5–7 pm and by appt. Krista.Sutherland@louisville.edu
Laurie Taylor (King) MWF 7:30–8:30 am; Tuesdays 7–7:30 pm laurie.taylor@louisville.edu
Chris Vincent NOT TEACHING christopher.vincent.1@louisville.edu
Joseph R. Wagner NOT TEACHING joesph.wagner.1@louisville.edu
Rebeca Wells - Gonzalez NOT TEACHING bex.wells@louisville.edu
Charlie Zimmerman By appt. (email) charles.zimmerman@louisville.edu